Our investment philosophy

We know how hard you’ve worked for your wealth. Our investment philosophy is straightforward and simple; our goal is to help you protect and grow what you have as much as possible.

We keep things simple

Investing isn't rocket science; beware of those who make it look like it is. We follow the evidence and keep things straightforward.

We speak your language

We'll explain the decisions and actions we take in relation to your investments in plain English. No jargon, no confusion, and no stress.

We instil confidence

Making bad investment decisions can be costly. We'll be your expert guide every step of the way;someone you can trust to make informed choices.

Here is how we provide peace of mind...  


We put you first

You've worked really hard to save your money, or inherited it from people who did the same. We are sensitive to the fact that your wealth is hard-earned and important to you; we will always look after your wealth to protect and grow it.


We help you to take appropriate risk

The word risk may not mean what you think it does. There are risks that your investments can go down, but there are also risks associated with not investing in the right place. There are risks associated with not growing your wealth to its full potential.


We ensure you make the right decisions

We will help you when investment markets, as they do sometimes, take a temporary dip. By holding strong to the principles of good investing, we'll ensure you make good decisions rather than bad ones; which is what happens when people panic.


We follow evidence-based principles

There is an ever-growing body of evidence-based research which shows that, for the best part, paying much higher fees for an investment manager to make subjective decisions is not a cost worth paying. Evidence-based investing accesses investment markets often at a much lower cost. We invest on our clients' behalf through certain discretionary fund managers that also believe that lower cost investing is important within portfolios.


We believe in diverse portfolios

Diversification across global investment markets are our mainstay. Investing in global markets allows you to invest into the major companies of the world, gaining from their financial growth, as well as the young companies that develop and grow at a faster rate.


We're adaptable

We're always working to further improve our clients' wealth; reducing costs where possible and improving their growth opportunities.

People we've helped

"Wealth Harbour is a safe pair of hands. James has a personal interest in your life and helps make the right decisions for your lifestyle. I have used him for several years and my investments have maintained my requirements."


"Since meeting James I truly feel that I have a clear financial plan for the future. That is invaluable to me. James really takes the time to understand mine and my family's goals. I have no hesitation in recommending him."


"James understands my family and has given advice tailored to protect my personal wealth for many years. I have been impressed with his knowledge and am confident my finances are in the best of hands."


"James has set up for me two family trusts. I now have the security of knowing my lifetime financial security is secure and also my children will be able to benefit from the trusts after my death."


"James' work has been very positively beneficial to my financial position in retirement. James's strongest ability for me is his constant goal to "do better" for his clients and keep them informed."


"Having lost my husband, I was in a mess. James was brilliant! He never pushed me to make any decisions. I have been 100% happy with the service I have received and would definitely recommend Wealth Harbour to a friend."


"James shows a genuine interest in our lives and understands our goals. He has a friendly and professional approach. He made the transfer of my pension a stress-free process. I would happily recommend him."

Sean and Lorraine

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